The Fictional Story

Under construction:

I wrote this story many years ago and have been working on the structure and content. This is a brief synopsis.

Rüdiger Wilhelm was a theoretical geneticist in Düsseldorf throughout the time of the rise and fall of the Third Reich.

He had two goals in life, one was to write articles and stories in many different genres and formats, teaching concepts of theoretical as well as practical genetics to the world of humans. Rüdiger once remarked to his father Otto, "Genetics is about sex, father."

Rüdiger, a highly intelligent and creative scholar, melded the science of genetics with neuroscience, physics, anthropology, and philosophy.

Rüdiger's second goal was to develop a way to produce the legendary Übermensch, a human being superior in intelligence. Despite cultural norms at the time and the relationship between Nietzsche's concept of the Übermensch and the Third Reich's race interpretation, Rüdiger considered the concept to be far less racial in context and far more related to intelligence and expression of intelligence.

Rüdiger began his genetic experiments to produce the Übermensch in the midst of post World War II obstacles. This story starts in Germany in 1933, shifts time and space to the U.S. East Coast mid 20th century, then shifts in time again to the year 2007.